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OHITANI SANGYO CO,. LTD., as one of total material companies provides supplies for rail cars and home appliances, parts and component for daily-living products in a wide variety fields, recognizes top-priority issue is the environmental conservation of our precious blue planet. Now we have our unique quality control as below to contribute to the protection of environment, and moves forward through business activities with the environmental consideration building mutual ties based on confidence and cooperation between global community, government, and regional society.

  • Make every possible effort to control and improve our environmental management system based on ISO14001, achieve our goal of environmental performance.
  • Prevent contamination by make secure way to watch the effects of our business activities on environment.
  • Comply with environment-related law, rules, agreement we agreed and determined by government or local authorities.
  • The following are our important themes for environmental management.
    1) Reduction of power amount.
    2) Reduction of fuel use for vehicle
    3) Reduction of waste and promotion to recycle
    4) Reduction of paper use
    5) Minimize the loss
  • Set the goal to prevent contamination and try to improve ourselves to achieve the goal.
  • Familiarize all employees with this policy applicable our environmental management system, and the cooperation from partners would be greatly appreciated as well.
    The policy is open to the public as needed.

Created as of August 1st, 2005
Revised as of January 5th, 2009

Representative Director and President    Akihiro Oshitani